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Affordable Swimwear That Looks Just As Great As High-End Options

While looking through the web for some affordable swimwear for my trip to Cancún last month, I stumbled on some cute designs from Amazon that actually blew me away. Not so much at the fact that Amazon has cute swimwear because we all know they have everything, but that material, styles, and quality was actually quite good and comparable to some of the more expensive options on the market. Below I’ve linked some of my favorite styles that I stumbled on (some of which I’ve already worn — pictures on my instagram) and my thoughts on them!


This one-piece is perfect because not only is the print cute and perfect for summer, but it also helps to build a silhouette.


This is such a cute two-piece! The bottoms are high rise, the pom poms are small, striped print is one of my personal favs for swimwear. Love!


One of my favs! This one is not only chic and stylish but also quite comfy and fits the body well.


The style of this one is what attracted to me at first, but I actually love the print and think that it’s perfect for summer. Plus, high-waisted bottoms are my favorite style of bikini.


This one has the cute ruffles and the sleek design on the top and of course, the high-waisted bottoms! I really love the color of this one too, the reddish-orange tone is not the most summery color but it’s still pretty nonetheless.

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